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OUR STORY Verdant™ Technologies Makes the Supply Chain More Fruitful for All

The parent company of the HarvestHold® brand, Verdant Technologies, is grounded in science and discovery — and we’re committed to positively impacting the world’s health and well-being. Across categories, our technology helps deliver products to consumers as intended, staying fresh and protected throughout the supply chain. With the ability to target application, our solutions create new opportunities and expand markets while using fewer natural resources and lessening negative environmental impacts.

With 20 years of experience focused on freshness, 189 patents issued or pending around the world, and globally recognized experts in material sciences and ag technology on our team, we are uniquely positioned to create significant value while providing nourishment to the global community.


Years in science and discovery


Patents filed across 49 countries


Years of combined industry experience


THE HARVESTHOLD MISSION To Stop Produce From Growing to Waste

We believe the fruits of your labor should fill more people’s lives with goodness instead of filling up landfills. This is why our ultimate goal is to reduce as much food waste as possible. By extending the life of produce by up to 50%, we help it reach more people in more places, which decreases the squandering of natural resources and the emission of greenhouse gasses that are byproducts of food waste. With the earth’s population growing every day, we know a more efficient food supply chain is our only way forward.

OUR PEOPLE Meet Our Team

Our HarvestHold team consists of some of the most experienced professionals in the fresh produce and postharvest industry. We’re honored to serve the fresh produce industry to help reimagine the supply chain to deliver more value and less waste.


MATTHEW ARONSON Chief Revenue Officer


SCOTT HARKER Vice President, Sales


JESUS GUTIERREZ Director of Sales, Mexico


PAUL OKLESH Director of Sales, Eastern U.S.


HELVERT OBANDO Director of Sales


HARLAN EWERT Director of Business Development


JUAN MANUEL VALENCIA Regional Sales Manager, Mexico

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