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Create More Harmony Throughout the Entire Food Supply Chain

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Making Produce More Stable From Crop to Cart

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Max Out Your Pack Out With HarvestHold®

HarvestHold Fresh® sheets help growers put their best food forward. It’s the simple way for growers to reduce rejections and boost their reputation for quality produce. By extending the life of produce by up to 50%, you can harvest crops at their peak and keep produce fresher for longer. Meet the increasing demands of today’s food supply chain by incorporating HarvestHold early.


Deliver Quality to Your Customers Through Longer-Lasting Produce

Whether you’re looking to increase demand for one of your produce brands, expand the reach and range of your operation, or keep your retail and food-service partners hungry for your next pristine shipment, HarvestHold helps you deliver longer-lasting produce. Reduce losses and maintain your produce’s enduring quality by incorporating HarvestHold into your operation.

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The Easiest Way To Shrink Your Shrink and Wow Consumers

Adding HarvestHold to your operation is the simple way to give consumers amazing produce. Not only can it extend the life of produce to offer vibrant colors and firmer textures at retail, restaurants, and cafeterias — it also helps deliver longer-lasting produce to your loyal consumers. In addition, it extends shelf life to create more possibilities and less food waste. Talk to your grower-packer partners about incorporating HarvestHold early to improve the experience for everyone.

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